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Welcome to Mikołajki – the sailing captal of Poland

Cyklada guest house is situated on the tourist trail of “Great Mazury Lakes” in Mikołajki – the town that is the summer capital of all the people who love sailing. The region of Great Mazury Lakes is the dream place for walking, cycling and horse riding trips during which the tourists can discover plenty of pictoresque places.

One can find various ways of  relaxing there. The extensive lakes create great condtions for going sailing, canoing, windsurfing and even iceboating in winter. Mazury Region is like Eldorado for fishermen. Those who love water sports are keen on taking part in regatta to win the cup of Mikołajki Mayor, the cup of thechairman of Polish Sailing Association, the Championship of Journalists, Regatta of Actors and many others. There are also some other events as Mikołajki Days to celebrate at the end of June and at the beginning of July. During this fete Launching of Sielawy King takes place, tradition that began in 30’s of XX century. There is also the Festival of Sailing Song – Shanties. All around encourage to spend free time in this region – beautiful nature, nice people and relaxing facilities.

Near the guest house there is the hotel where you can go to the disco, indoor swimming pools (with man made waves, for instance), bowling, play tennis, golf, various saunas, jazucci, biological renew, horse riding, hot air balloon ride, helicopter ride, ice-ring, salloon of games and many other attractions.  You may expect a warm welcame in any season.





SUPER PAKIET POBYTOWY z wyżywieniem dla 2 osób

1.3 - 28.4.

Pobyt   3- dniowy   ( 2 nocl.  )   - 379,-

Pobyt   5-dniowy   ( 4 nocl.)    - 689,- 

Pobyt  7-dniowy     ( 6 nocl.)    - 999,-

3.5. - 31.5.

Pobyt 3- dniowy   ( 2 nocl.)     - 512,-

Pobyt 5-dniowy    ( 4 nocl.)    -  999,- 

Pobyt 7-dniowy    ( 6 nocl.)   - 1.499,-

1.6. - 26.6.

Pobyt 3-dniowy (2 nocl.)      -   555,-

Pobyt 5-dniowy (4 nocl.)      - 1080,-

Pobyt 7-dniowy (6 nocl.)     -  1590,-

3.7. - 31.8.

Pobyt 3- dniowy  ( 2 nocl.)   -    620,-

Pobyt 5-dniowy   ( 4 nocl.)  -  1220,- 

Pobyt 7-dniowy  ( 6 nocl.)  -   1820,-

W cenie zawarte są:

- noclegi w komfortowych pokojach

z WI-FI, LCD-SAT-TV, lodówką, czajnikiem,

filiżankami, talerzykami, sztućcami

- śniadania  w pensjonaciku Cyklada

serwowane do stołu

- obiadokolacje w Mazurskiej Chacie

( zupa, danie główne, szklanka soku)

- podatek VAT

- internet wi-fi, parking - GRATIS


Dopłata za dodatkowe osoby:


- dzieci do 4 lat - GRATIS - noclegi na łóżku z rodzicami

- osoba dorosła:    100,- zl. / dobę

- dzieci  4 - 12 lat:   80,- zl. / dobę

Do w.w. cen należy doliczyć opłatę klimatyczną w wys. 2,20 zł. / osobodoba

Oferta nie dotyczy terminów: 27.4. - 3.5., 30.5.-3.6,   27-29.7.,  14-18.8.




Cyklada Pension

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Mazurska Chata Hotel

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Mazurska Chata
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